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Group tours at the museum

A competent presentation of Friedrich Froebel

Your reservation provided, we offer tours through the permanent exhibition for groups with 10 members or more. The tour lasts 45 minutes and includes a lecture and the demonstration of the "Spielgaben" (gifts). For group tours we charge an additional tour admission of 20 Euros.

You can find further educational programs of museum education for children and adults at >>> educational offers. If you have questions concerning our offers for museum education, if you wish to adapt them to your individual needs or to sign up, we are readily available to you:


Service for our visitors


Director: Isabel Schamberger
+49 36741 25 65

Museum educator: Kathrin Stern
+49 36741 25 65

Das Friedrich-Fröbel-Museum ist aktives Mitglied im Fröbel-Kreis und leistet Beiträge zur Fröbel-Dekade (2013-2022), die durch den Fröbel-Kreis initiiert wurde.
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