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Painting of Friedrich Froebel

Friedrich Froebel

In 1840, Friedrich Wilhelm August Froebel (1782–1852) gained international by inventing the first kindergarten in Blankenburg (Thuringia). The so-called "House above the cellar" ("Haus über dem Keller"), in which the Friedrich Froebel Museum has been installed since 1982, marked its birth hour. Generally, Froebel’s ideas concerning education and upbringing are as much bound to their time as they are innovative and modern. Even in present times they still inspire the minds of educational scientists.


Life and Works

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Froebels Education

A Classic of Early Childhood Education


In Bad Blankenburg Kartenausschnitt: Die Staaten der Fürsten zu Schwarzburg, Kupferstich, 1791

Traces of Froebel in Bad Blankenburg