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Play gifts of Friedrich Froebel

The invention of the kindergarten

The history of the kindergarten began at the "house above the cellar" (Haus über dem Keller") - where the Friedrich Froebel Museum is located today - , not far from Bad Blankenburg's market square. Owing to the beautiful word "kindergarten", which Froebel coined in 1840 compatible with his concepts about the education of young children, he became world famous. The exhibition, being unique all across Germany in terms of scope, gives you an insight into the educational scientist's life and works. It is divided into four areas.

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Life and works

The first exhibition room portrays Froebel's life in context with the development of his educational theory and his theories about playing. The "Spielgaben" (gifts) and "means of occupation" he created and the analytical and synthetic context of their construction are presented in detail. The room displays the most precious and the most important objects, such as the cubes of the "ausgeführte Dritte Gabe" (3rd gift) and the so-called "Körperkasten" (box of shapes), of which, it is assumed, the museum holds the only remaining copies all across world.

Impact history

This exhibition area is dedicated to the impact history of Froebel's educational theory on the national and international level from past to present. The area introduces outstanding figures that are generally recognized as part of Froebel's successor generation. Numerous exhibits prove that both Froebel's kindergarten project and his "Spielgaben" (gifts) are modern and up to date.

Livingroom and office area

Some pieces of office furniture and equipment, wellpreserved from Froebel's apartment in Blankenburg from 1846, made it possible to reconstruct his living room and his office including a vestibule. By presenting furniture and articles of daily use taken from Froebel's possession and of both of his wives, the exhibition room provides our visitors with an insight into the living and work environment of the educator's home.

Gallery and seminar room

This room offers our visitors the possibility to try out the "Spielgaben" (gifts) and "means of occupation" on their own and in practice, within the framework of a seminar. Also in this location, alternating special exhibitions are being presented.


The playroom is especially attractive to both children and adults. Puppet theatre, wooden building blocks, entirely newly designed constructive games connected to Froebel - all these things invite to act, play and design.