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Seminars in Friedrich-Froebel-Museum

Froebel seminars (in german language)

Seminars conducted at the genuine historical site vividly demonstrate Friedrich Froebel's educational theories on the kindergarten as well as his theories on playing. Hereby, mathematics, nature and language as the core values of his educational theory are being discussed in the context of modern educational schemes and the educators' task of supporting the children's autonomous learning process.

Depending on the scope of the offer chosen, participants are either given an introductory overview (length: app. two hours) or intensify chosen aspects in half- to multi-day workshops.

A seminar's procedure

  • Lecture with pre-arranged focal points
  • Short tour through the exhibition
  • Practical training in the seminar room, possible themes: Introduction on how to use the "Spielgaben" (gifts) and the "means for occupation", such as tablets and sticks; Testing of Froebel's techniques such as prickling, folding, braiding and cutting

Possible contents and focal points

1. The Froebel kindergarten as a place for education and living

  • The character and life of Friedrich Froebel: natural scientist - philosopher - educator
  • How Froebel saw children: children as active explorers
  • Froebel's educational theories about playing: the current meaning of the "Spielgaben" (gifts)
  • The education of children through playing in the context of modern educational schemes

2. Froebel's conceptions on elementary education

  • The meaning of Froebel's work "Mother's pet songs" ("Mutter- und Koselieder") in terms of education and upbringing of young children
  • Mathematic elementary education in the kindergarten (in the context of the thuringian educational schemes)
  • Educating - a profession between society and policy


If you have questions concerning our offers for museum education, if you wish to adapt our offers to your individual needs or to sign up, we are readily available to you:


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