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Education offers in Froebelmuseum

Educational offers

We understand that one of our main tasks to offer a vital venue and place of education. In our portfolio you can find diverse target-group oriented educational offers as well as workshops for kindergardenchildren and their families, elementary school students, college and university students and trainees in the field of educational sciences, educators and adults in general. Our offerings convey Friedrich Froebel's ideas and conceptions about the education of young children in theory and practice by providing tours, lectures, seminars, workshops and projects.

Froebel seminars Seminare für Erwachsene

A graphic demonstration on theory and practice of Froebel's educational theory


Tours Führungen durch die Ausstellungen

Tours through permanent and special exhibitions


Playing and learning Miniaturbild Sammlungen

Offers for kindergardens, schools, day care centers (only in german)


Das Friedrich-Fröbel-Museum ist aktives Mitglied im Fröbel-Kreis und leistet Beiträge zur Fröbel-Dekade (2013-2022), die durch den Fröbel-Kreis initiiert wurde.
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