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An extensive stock of secondary literature and first editions

The library contains roughly 5000 volumes of national and international secondary literature about Froebel. Works on Froebel's educational theories and on educational science as well as works on the nature of school and teaching are in the focus of our stock's concept. The large amount of collected papers is bound to these themes, too.

Out of Froebel's own works, the first editions of "Menschenerziehung" (1826), "Mother's Pet Songs" ("Mutter- und Koselieder") (1844), the six Keilhau writings ("Keilhauer Schriften"), the "Sonntagsblatt für Gleichgesinnte" (1838/1840), the "Wochenschrift" ("Weekly") (1850), the "Zeitschrift für Friedrich Fröbels Bestrebungen" (1851) as well as instructions of how to use the "Spielgaben" (gifts) are worth mentioning in this context.

In its completeness, the magazine "Kindergarten" (1860-1938), being an institution of the Froebel community and a forum for debate within the kindergarten movement, provides a strong foundation for the continuing investigation into Froebel's history of works.

Terms of use

The library inside the Friedrich Froebel Museum is a reference library. Copying library magazines is not possible.

Your registration and application for usage provided, you can access the archive's and the library's stock for research purposes.

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