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Usage of digital image material out of the museum's archive of photography

administrative charge € 3.00
data storage device (blank disk) € 2.00

Lending available ektachromes for reproduction purposes

Loan and return within 40 days € 50.00
Transgression of loan period (all-in) € 30.00
Compensation for Loss or Damage (additional) € 100.00
shipping inland € 3.00
shipping abroad € 7.00

Publication costs

This applies to the graphical reproduction of objects which are property of the Friedrich Froebel Museum. In case of a publication, a specimen copy is to be forwarded to the museum within four weeks after the release. Additionally, property relations must be supplied with the object or the sent image and stated in the publication's picture credits.

Non-recurring reproduction in books, catalogues and magazines € 15.00
Reproduction on book covers and title pages respectively € 30.00
Reproduction for commercial use (Applied arts, CD covers, brochures, advertising material, calendars, post cards, posters and the like) € 100.00
Display as still photograph in film, DVD, TV, internet € 50,00

Das Friedrich-Fröbel-Museum ist aktives Mitglied im Fröbel-Kreis und leistet Beiträge zur Fröbel-Dekade (2013-2022), die durch den Fröbel-Kreis initiiert wurde.
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