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Anthology and research

The Friedrich Froebel Museum is one of three main archives for research dedicated to Froebel. For research purposes, it is accessible to academic audiences in accordance with the terms of use. A series of publication released since 1999 examines different aspects of Friedrich Froebel's life and works.

Archive Seminare für Erwachsene

archival treasures - the stocks of the Froebel archive


Special library

More than 5000 volumes of national and international secondary literature as well as first editions


Original objects

The legacy of Froebel and his successor generation



Services | Image copyright

Image reproduction services - charges for different museum services


Publications From cover: Sind Kinder kleine Majestäten?

Books out of the Friedrich Froebel Museum's series of papers (only in german)



Das Friedrich-Fröbel-Museum ist aktives Mitglied im Fröbel-Kreis und leistet Beiträge zur Fröbel-Dekade (2013-2022), die durch den Fröbel-Kreis initiiert wurde.
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